Photography- A Hobby And A Profession

Photography is nothing but Painting through Light. For me, Photography is like a huge collection of experiences and memories. Some professional photographers were amateurs in their career start and slowly they moved from hobby photography to professional photography.
Professional photography is entirely dependent on the camera, skills and the talent of the photographer. Now a day’s photography is facing a transitional period due to technological changes and revolution that many young artist photographers are trying to bring in their field of photography through rapid experiments and amalgamation of traditional and latest trends in photography.
Photography is fun and you will realize it when you just bring your camera and click few pictures and you will just find them interesting. Some extra instruction can be taken online for free of cost about basic photographical skills to maintain the true essence of the picture.
While clicking a picture, the motives could be different but one common thing is always present behind every type of picture and that is your passion to click a best picture of the world. So which kind of Photography do you prefer?
• Representation Photography
• Photojournalism
• Macro Photography-
• Action Photography
• Micro Photography
• Marketing Photography
• Beauty Photography
• Aerial Photography
• Imaginative Photography
• Marriage Photography
• Underwater Photography
• Travel Photography
Whatever field you choose make sure it must yield real income to your business. For this purpose you must need to develop a photography portfolio. When you have a collection of pertinent photographs with you will feel confident to show your impressive work. But make sure you are to show only your best work that you think is of good quality. Go and think what you can do to make yourself a hot cake in the field of photography.