Photography – A Fun In Intself!!!

Photography is a form of art in which images of different objects and processes are made by humans. This is adopted as a hobby and a profession as well. It is an old skill and has been used for many centuries. In photography artists make images of living things, natural scenes and physical objects. Photography is now a professional field and applied in print and electronic media. Images give messages to the people very quickly. Photography is also used in the syllabus of school education where this will increase interests and concentrations of students to learn the lesson. In early ages photography was hand made by using different manual things like stones, wood, simple colors and other materials. After it chemicals got their position in photography and improve its quality and durability. Black and white photography replaced by colour photography and increase in its beautification and aesthetic value.
Invention of camera and use of different lights and techniques photography got high importance in science, business and mass communication sectors of the world. Photography also gives recreational opportunities to the people. Photography has its positive and negative effects on society depend upon its purpose and use. Now a day’s photography is used in education, media and in the field of advertisement.
Many agencies are now working in the world in this field of mass media and give a source of information and creativity to people. People feel relax by observing excellent and good photography in this age of tension and depression. Many fashion and textile industries are also using this art for the promotion of their products and services. In this era of information technology society got access to photography and its allied fields very quickly. Different organizations use this art to convey their messages towards society by making play cards, pot rates banners and pane flux. These included messages related save blood transfusion, eradicate malaria from earth, human rights, stop wars, save water and reduced pollution etc. Photography is now very quick process and takes less time due to invention of digital cameras and other allied devices and computers. Pictures are now developed quickly as hard copies and used for particular purposes.