Photography – How to snap the action

Action photography is all about capturing movement of an object in fast activity. It is not all about using fast shutter speeds, there are lots of different methods to use when capturing action. Panning shots are taken by slowing shutter speeds down to capture blur and motion in actionphotography. You don’t want to freeze the action shot perfectly because the shot will look stagnant. When you use panning shots you get to experience the movement of the object that you are taking the photo of. This will make your photo more exciting and realistic.

Here are the best methods to use when taking a panning shot in action photography:

Use an SLR camera
SLR cameras are far superior to normal digital cameras. The lack of shutter lag on an SLR camera allows you to take the picture at the exact moment you want it. Looking through the viewfinder makes it simple to see and follow the object. If you use a digital camera in action photography it is difficult to get a smooth shot of the object because the shutter can take up to a few seconds to close. Pressing the shutter button halfway on an SLR camera will autofocus the camera on the object. This is not possible to do as quickly when using a digital camera.

Track the object
One of the most common mistakes when taking panning shots in action photography is keeping the camera completely still. It is best to move the camera steadily and slowly along with the moving object. Half press the shutter to autofocus on the object, track it carefully and then press the shutter completely. If your settings are correct, you will get the object you are tracking in focus, and the rest of the photo will look like it is in motion. Practice makes perfect in panning shots. Try not to allow the rest of the picture to be too out of focus, you want to be able to make out what is going on in the background.