PHOTOGRAPHY – a passionate need!

Can you help it when a moment is gone and you wanted it to last longer? Well obviously you cannot stop the time, but yes, you can capture the moment and save it for as long as you live.
Photography is a blessed invention. You can seize the emotions you would want to reproduce. You keep the record of an event, occasion or a special day that your life brings to you. Be it your first child’s birth, your wedding, graduation ceremony, or a sports trophy day, you can click and add moments in your memory chest.
People adopt photography as a profession as well. They are born photographers, gifted by nature, skilled in capturing the right moments of life. They bring out their creativity through clicking the camera.
Photographs are also used as a mean of communication. It helps intimate relations communicate non-verbally. A well-known example is the exchange of postcards. Beautiful sceneries, landmarks, monuments, love birds, and a lot more is printed on one side of the card. The sender chooses a post card accordingly, and sends it to the receiver, conveying the message in a lovely way.
Clicks help us in witnessing remarkable events. It was the use of photography that NASA captured the surface of the moon using a camera, setting a record and making the mankind proud of his success.
The latest type of the camera, digital single-lens reflex, commonly known as DSLR, has given a new dimension to photography. It’s “model dial”, dust reduction system, and line preview makes it distinctive among the other cameras.
People usually believe that the art of photography is actually how good an observer you are. The game is about twenty-fourth part of a second, by pushing on the button, but what actually adds color and attraction to your click is your approach to observe and see that goes beyond a naked eye.
The passionate observer you are; the better and deeper you look through, and the remarkable photographs you take!